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Power Sets: Using Values As A Superpower

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. – Roy Disney Values: principles or standards of behaviour Your values influence your level of success more than you know. Yet, it’s one of those areas in life that we are mostly unaware of. Few people when asked can list the top […]

Azzaro Wanted: Coveted, Craved, Desired

I am very happy to announce Azzaro Wanted as the brand partner for the first Special Reserve event. The bottle has a killer design, and the smell is sophisticated. But of course, that’s not enough… My first question when I speak to a brand is, “what kind of man resonates with your brand?” Here is the […]

The BetterMan Film Awards

The BetterMan list of Inspirational Films As voted for by the BetterMan Brotherhood Facebook group. An engaged group of like-minded individuals sharing wins, loses, advice, articles, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. Films are an escape from our daily lives, they allow us the freedom to switch off and become engrossed in the stories […]

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5 Behaviours And Beliefs Of The Unstoppable

Five Unstoppable Behaviours of Successful Men I’m going to start by getting something off my chest: I don’t believe that rattled-off lists can adequately inspire change and it is because of this that I have always preferred to steer clear of list-format articles on BetterMan. In my opinion, two or three sentences cannot do the […]