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Confidence, defined as: the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. This is the alluring, yet elusive, quality we all crave.

1) Playing the Confidence Game (The New York Times, by Paul Jaskunas, September 2015).

Paul discusses the element of self-doubt and the effect it has on our confidence. He does, however offer solace in the act:

“After all, the truly difficult work of life ought to arouse uncertainty. The scientist in the lab, the artist in the studio, the athlete in the gym confront frustrating limits every day.”

We so often, as men, think of confidence as a bravado bordering on arrogance. When all it comes down to is our own idea of who we are, what we want and an understanding of our limitations. In conclusion Paul introduces us to the concept of performing with élan:

“energy, style, and enthusiasm”

Which, when you think about it, is all we can really ask of ourselves.

2) How to stop screwing yourself over (TEDxSF, by Mel Robbins)

Mel introduces us to a new swear word, guaranteed to stifle our self-growth and development. “Fine!” That little lie we tell ourselves, and everyone around us, just to save face.

“How are you doing? You’re fine? Really?”

“Fine” is the lovely little scapegoat that allows us to sit comfortably where we are and stew in our misery, never taking action and not doing anything.

The answer is simple but it’s also not easy.

“You have life changing ideas for reason”

That’s because you are not “fine” you are driven and you truly want to change the world! Unfortunately confidence is not the answer, confidence is the result of taking action.

3) Joe Rogan Experience #729 – Jocko Willink

This is where discipline comes in, one of the many points touched on in Joe Rogan’s podcast interview with Jocko Willink, author of Extreme Ownership.

Discipline gives you more time, that allows you to get things done, this brings you more success.

“Success breeds confidence.” – Beryl Markham

The common thread that links all of this? It’s the action, the getting up half an hour earlier, the getting off your ass and into the gym, taking that first step towards success.

That is the genesis of confidence.

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