Weekly: Become Your Own Hero

Who is your hero?

If the answer isn’t a resounding “ME!” Then that sure needs to change.

Let’s start with some motivation to do so, watch this: Joe Rogan: Be The Hero of Your Own Movie

What has happened in our past shapes us, yes, but we decide whether or not it defines us. The only thing we can affect in life is the here and now, the present. Forget everything else. Come up with the best plan you can think of and implement, do that, act. Then change if / when it doesn’t work out.

You are the author of your story, why not make that story epic!?

This is a daunting task. How do we even begin to be the hero in our own story? The Accelerated Hero’s Journey gives us a road map, letting us know where to start and what to expect. This journey is by no means easy, but it is more than worth it, it’s essential!

Read: The Accelerated Hero’s Journey: Welcome to the Ordinary World

If you’re still having trouble coming to grips with the idea of writing your own story, listen to this… Use Your Own Life Story To Bring Depth to Your Writing with Steven Pressfield

Even master storytellers use their own experiences to write epic novels.

Mark twain once said:

“Write what you know.”

So make sure what you know is epic! If you still aren’t able to write a story worthy of a hero, it’s time to start living the life of a hero. Go out and get messy, make mistakes, take risks.

Become your own hero!

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