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Strategic Warfare: 5 Principles For Success In Business And Life

5 Principles For Success In Business And Life

I spend a lot of time meditating on the timeless principles that lead to success, excellence and greatness. In the process I have started collecting the ones that really stand out and that resonate directly with the Strategic Warfare attitude of strategic approach and ruthless execution. Over time I will share them all. Let’s start with these 5…

1. Visualize the bullseye

What do you want to achieve?

Not an easy question, I’ll give you that.

Many of us choose a specific road and stick to it mostly out of convenience. Never really questioning whether this will get you to where we want to go. In fact, never even questioning what the destination might be.

A certain degree of clarity is essential to the war you are waging on mediocrity.

Do not get too hung up on this question because ultimately, action brings clarity. But do take some time to think about your deeper motivations and desires.

Tool: J1G

2. Start with simple. Optimise from there.

Even the most mundane tasks often have a hidden level of complexity. When I started the BetterMan website I was aware of many others also writing and creating content. Where are they today? I don’t know. Why? Because they started without truly knowing what they were getting themselves into.

When you want to introduce a new activity into your life. Start with simple. Really break it down into its most basic action even though you can take on more. Even though you feel it’s too easy.

Once you nail the basics. You scale up. You increase complexity. You increase efficiency.

But all of that means nothing if you don’t become effective first.

Tool: Accretion

3. Become better at suffering than your competition

If this sounds a bit grim, don’t become discouraged. I have always maintained that BetterMan functions in the real world, the world that’s filled with disappointment, failures, unforeseen bills, recessions, and hard times. As Rocky would say, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.”

Success is a matter of time and consistency. If you can persevere through the hard times. Stay consistent through the hard times. Embrace the hard times. Then you will win. End of story.

Tool: Calibration

4. Function independent of your emotion

Human beings are irrational and emotional. We cannot deny our nature. However this does not mean that you have to be ruled by it.

Your pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that deals with logic and reason, is immensely powerful. Use it to your advantage. How? By becoming a better decision maker.

Use it to structure your environment in a way that supports your goals (remove distractions and temptations). Use it to create simple rules for yourself that are easy to follow (if I get home, I will exercise immediately).

Tool: Structuring rules

5. Rally support from allies

If you try and kick down doors (opportunities) you will fail. Why? Because doors are immovable objects that can only be moved by those on the other side.

You will need people. End of story.

Others will support you when you are being knocked down. Others will create opportunities for you and connect you to the right people. Others will inspire you and motivate you.

You can go it alone.

But it’s much better with an entire army at your back.

Tools: Brotherhood Group, CPI, EXEC

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Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger

CEO at BetterMan
Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.
Erik Kruger

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  1. Excellent combination or principles,Erik.Maybe schedule some R and R?

    1. So much truth Eric thanks for the motivation!!!
      Thanks Eric this is the best day to begin the day with intention!

      1. Erik Kruger

        “Start the day with intention”. Exactly.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed reading this.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Martin.

  4. perfect principles for starting the day

    “Success is a matter of time and consistency. If you can persevere through the hard times. Stay consistent through the hard times. Embrace the hard times. Then you will win. End of story” erick kruger . very powerful motivation

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Pride.

  5. I believe Strategy 3, though it may sound grim, is absolutely indispensable. It’s rough out there and staying power is becoming a rare commodity. The ability to push through the hard times makes all the difference. This must be coupled with Strategy 4 or it becomes a losing battle. The feeling of wanting to give up is an emotional response to the difficulties we face. If we can manage that, the battle is half won.

    1. Erik Kruger

      I agree Heinricht. It’s game of mental toughness and patience.

  6. Truly useful and motivational. Thanks!

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you for reading, Eben.

  7. Number 3 resonates with me and you don’t often find that people talk about it so thank you! If life is easy you not pushing hard enough.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thanks, Ryan. No-one ever benefits from living in fantasy land!

  8. A good basic and simple look at things. No need to complicate. Good work!

    1. Erik Kruger

      Clear. Concise. That is what I aim for.

  9. Wow, basic and yet so power. Consistency. Thank you. My day is made.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Lawrence.

  10. Very helpful, thanks. The simplicity one hit home as we tend to complicate life a bit too much. We complicate business, relationships and don’t trust even our own simplified ways of making the best of life and achieving our goals. I was thinking about this when I woke up this morning and realized how simple it is to be led from within, it’s so simple that humanity totally ignores it and goes out there to find direction, even when “out there” keeps redirecting us back to within, we just keep going and look for more complications. The beauty and joy of life are in its simplicity.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Simplicity is power. In all areas of life.

  11. Fruitful and inspiring…..Thanks for the lesson Erik

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thanks for reading, Trevor.

  12. All good pieces of advice though some, like #4 are incredibly hard to put into practice.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Very true. It might not be easy but it will be worth it.

  13. Erik,

    Thanks for the daily inspiration really helps with day to day challenges.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you for being a part of it, Robin. Means nothing without motivated men like yourself pushing the boundaries.

  14. Inpiring indeed thanks….*_Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve it. God provides food for every bird but not in its nest. Rise up to the challenges ahead of you and conquer your fears_*

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Tobias.

  15. 3 & 4 resonates with me…sometimes emotions can take a knock at you and distract you after all we are humans. Good stuff, will engage in this 2 immediately and keep focus.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Exactly. We don’t need to function without emotion. We just need to control it.

  16. Back to basics-keep it simple and follow through.Thank you for the inspiration to never quite in life-GREAT PRINCIPLES.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Michael. Glad you got something from it.

  17. Very true, especially separating emotion from business. it’s something i see on a daily basis people let emotion distort their judgement and can cause massive opportunities missed

    1. Erik Kruger

      Yeah it has to be separated. Not cut clean. But objectively evaluated.

  18. Shot Eric .

    I am really Enjoying these principles .

    This definitely contributes to my understanding of lessons in life .

    I recently received a question , that I had some trouble answering , only due too the fact that it needed thought to project an answer .

    “Tell me what you have learnt over the last 25 Years of living , what advise and life lessons can you share with me?” – these reads , are awesome to read .

    Thank you .

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you, Slade. I think it’s a great question to ask. And I think the power will come from you distilling it down into a few key points. It’s a great exercise for reflection.

  19. These 5 steps are a great way to getting things done and aligning your mind with priorities to deal with at the right time at almost at every time. Don’t know if that makes sense but these steps are awesome.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Makes sense. Thank you for adding your voice, Leon.

  20. Number 3 still and always resonates with me!! Just need to keep reminding myself of that! Great article once again Erik!

    1. Erik Kruger

      Write it out. Have it against a whiteboard. The daily reminder is powerful.

  21. Thanks Eric, I love how every point comes with a tool!

    1. Erik Kruger

      Practical. That’s what BetterMan is all about.

  22. Great principles and truly useful information. Thanks Erik for the daily emails

    1. Erik Kruger

      Thank you for taking the time to check in, Iaan.

  23. your advises are really working for me and my wife, my wife quit gym now we do morning exercise(Insanity) together not easy waking up early but worth it. Deliberate changes.
    Thanks for Better Man.

    1. Erik Kruger

      Deliberate changes. I love that. Well done, Maanda.

  24. Unique people do great things, Avarage people do avarage things

  25. Excalty to the point information or principles that I will definitely start practice in my life. #3 really spoke to me . I even read the other tools that you have presented to us. A deadly combination. Once I get all of these principles and tools right . I will be #Unstoppable

  26. This is superb Erik, strengthening me on the way that I have began. getting ready to be unstoppable my hero

  27. “Others will support you
    when you are being
    knocked down. Others
    will create opportunities
    for you and connect you to
    the right people. Others
    will inspire you and
    motivate you.
    You can go it alone.
    But it’s much better with
    an entire army at your

    I copied that paragraph because it made realise that in order for me to succeed and potentially grow, I need people not to determine my success but to back me and support me. I was always a loner and I believed that I can get the job done all by myself, which was never the case. Since I joined the movement and this platform, I saw how much like-minded people can achieve. How much value it adds to oneself and others. I don’t regret joining Bettermen, and thank you very much Mr Kruger for sharing with us your wisdom and empowering us to become better.

  28. Thanks Erik,this has opened up my mind to a new dimension,i am currently writing a book,as this gets to you right now,I am at work doing night shift,there’s not really much to do except the task at hand,so I use my free minutes at work,to keep myself busy,was writing Chapter 5,about an hour ago,but now I can’t find it and i was almost done,guess it wasn’t what it should be.

  29. Great motivation to start the day Thanks.

  30. Excellent content as usual. Very actionable advice. Thanks Eric – keep up the good work!

  31. Thanks Eric, reading your daily posts always brings me inspiration. Tough as it is, I am applying your advice to master myself and apply to my craft. Thanks for the great work.

  32. Thank you. Erik. This is a wide awakening, day to day things we come across, and look pass them, not realizing the impact they have in life.

  33. Nice one Erik thank you

  34. Dear Erik

    Fantastic content, thank you!!!
    All the principles are spot on but number 3 seems to be a mirror of my journey and I’m glad I joined Betterman as you give us hope to keep moving forward through your writing.
    Number 4 is also very crucial as most of us know what to do, yet only 10% of us only do what we are really supposed to that yields growth. I need to work on my frontal cortex to strengthen those decision making skills, force discipline and weed out distraction through my daily schedules.
    Thank you for pointing this out, very helpful. And once again, thank you for working towards making the world a better place.


  36. Have a lot going on at the moment with work and studies, and noticed I’m starting to procrastinate my studies especially. Your article is an real eye opener for me. Defiantly going to introduce the journaling part. Great article Erik, thank you!

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