R350.00 / month


Welcome to the Apex

  • As a member of Apex you will be invited to a monthly event.
  • It will always be held on the same day (e.g. the third Tuesday of every month).


  • You can only join Apex through 1) referral (each month you can refer one new guy) or 2) attending Special Reserve or by 3) joining during the 5-day window when Apex is open to the public each month.
  • You do not have to attend every Apex event.
  • If you decide to cancel your membership there will be a cooling off (6 months) period before you can join again.
  • Dress code: Wear whatever you want. Just look good.

Everything else will be communicated to you via email.

Any questions/queries can be sent to vip@bettermanblueprint.com


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