Power Sets: Using Values As A Superpower

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. – Roy Disney

Values: principles or standards of behaviour

Your values influence your level of success more than you know. Yet, it’s one of those areas in life that we are mostly unaware of. Few people when asked can list the top 5 values of importance to them, or their top 5 strengths and weaknesses.

Over the progression of your life certain values become embedded in your way of thinking and doing. This is great but can be dangerous as well…

For example, most people would agree that entrepreneurship requires some level of calculated risk. But what if a core value of yours is safety? How will this impact your likelihood of entrepreneurial success?

How about the guy who values balance in his life to the extent that he never accomplishes much in any one direction? But rather achieve mediocrity in a multitude of areas?

What’s clear is this:

  • Values become embedded in our lives due to past experiences and our upbringing.
  • Certain values will serve you well whilst others may hamper your progress.
  • Values, just like assumptions, need to be challenged from time to time.
  • Values evolve.

I believe that the intentional use of values can make you more determined, confident, and successful. That mindful application of the Power Sets that I am about to describe can truly help you get out of your own way and become unstoppable.

What is a Power Set?

A Power Set is a combination of 2 values that you hold front and center before and during a specific interaction. These are values that will facilitate a certain state of mind and also inform your decision-making.

It’s important to stick to 2 values only. This will allow you to focus on the values without becoming overly invested in remembering them. The last thing you want when walking into a big, important meeting is to try and remember your values.

Why are Power Sets needed?

As I mentioned, values become embedded in our every day living. It means that they are functioning in the background without us ever knowing they are there. But certain situations might require you to call on values that although embedded in your life, are weak and loosely held.

A Power Set also helps you to frame any interaction. By pre-empting the Power Set needed you can frame a situation in a way that will provide the best outcome for you.

These Power Sets are built upon your existing base of core values meaning that you are layering values for maximum impact. The best thing about a Power Set is that it helps you to override weak values with strong ones. Do this enough and it becomes your new normal.

Compiling Power Sets

Below I have laid out three different Power Sets and how they would apply to certain situations. But the ideal is for you to form your own Power Sets. Here is how you do it:

1. Identify the situation to which you want to apply the Power Set.
2. Browse a list of values and pinpoint the 2 values that you would really like to take into the situation with you.
3. Kick ass.

Power Sets will give you super powers. Trust me.

The Power Sets

High Stakes

  • Power/Confidence
  • Patience

Application: When entering a high-stakes negotiation/meeting you need to remain calm and in control. Therefore it is important to be confident in your abilities, skills and knowledge. I added patience as a value because it’s crucial not to make any decisions in haste but rather spend time after the meeting and make a more rational decision.

Hard Times

  • Resilience
  • Consistency

Application: Resiliency is a value that reminds me that “this too shall pass”. That my mind is strong enough to deal with whatever comes my way and that I will find a way out. Consistency brings clarity and success. “When you are going through hell, keep going.” – Churchill


  • Composure
  • Perseverance

Application: Rejection is a part of life. It will happen over and over and does not define you. During rejection you need to have composure. To remain unflinching and not show weakness. Rejection is also not final therefore you need to keep pushing forward. Facing rejection after rejection until finally…you win.

Your Power Sets

As I mentioned earlier, ideally you want to create your own Power Sets. Different Power Sets for different situations. You can then either grab a Power Set off the shelf from ones you compiled before, or create a new one for each encounter.

Think of a Power Set that you can use today and then post it in the comments section in the same format I did:

Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger

CEO at BetterMan
Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.
Erik Kruger

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Erik Kruger

Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.


  1. Richard (Pretoria) on

    Situation: Failure

    The 2 values:
    1) Understanding
    2) Perserverance

    Application: (Similar to ‘rejection’) During a failure, whether it be an attempt to get ahead in business or life, will happen the more you put yourself out there. Dealing with failure needs to begin with ‘understanding’ the reasons why your attempt failed so that you can pick yourself up again and strategies your next move in a new direction based on your understanding of “what didn’t work last time”. A true/complete failure means you have completely stopped trying. Therefore, failure is not the end of the proverbial road, but a means to take a new action/direction. By shaking off the dust and using your understanding of why the previous attempt failed, your perserverance to move forward will see you achieve small wins in life, eventually achieving your goals in business or life.

    Thanks Erik, this was very thought-provoking and fun, offering a little more inspiration to tackle the day ahead 😉 Peace-out Gents!

  2. Situation:
    Crunch Time

    1. Drive (motivation)
    2. Efficiency

    When it comes down to getting the nitty gritty done, sometimes one just needs to knuckle down and get it done. I’ve come to learn procrastination is a terrible evil. Take that one step forward in getting things done and let momentum build to drive you through. Taking that first step in getting things done however, overcoming procrastination, can be like entering onto a mental battlefield. It’s the driven and the motivated that look within to challenge what they’re made of that make things happen. That said, running around blindfolded on a battlefield, regardless of how motivated you are, will get you nowhere. Be precise, calculated and EFFICIENT in what you do.

    • Erik Kruger

      Love it, Jared! This is exactly why I encourage commenting. This will help everyone who comes here to read this article!!

  3. The Hard-Times Power Set is exactly what I need right now.
    1. Consistency
    2. Risilience

    Routine is what will give structure to my day. I need to remind myself on a daily basis that I need to do this, not because I wan to, but because I am working towards a goal/ lifestyle. It’s about the hard work you put in.
    I interpret resilience as focus with flexibility. It’s important to remain focussed – hard times come with all sorts of challenges, but focus on the goal and I will become risilient.

    Thanks for this Erik! Inspired.

    • Erik Kruger

      That’s what it’s all about Naeem. The focus on the few things that will give disproportionate results. This Power Set will get you through anything.

  4. Etienne Venter on

    Hey Erik

    Thank you for planting this seed…
    I think the Power Set is an awesome concept. I have always set meeting objectives mentally before any interaction (generally) but this takes it to a new level.

    Have a great day.

  5. I really value and agree with these power sets!
    A quote I live by: “The strongest people aren’t always the ones that win, but the ones that don’t give up on their values…”

  6. Michael Nair on

    Power set
    Staying positive
    I have been unemployed for the past 10 months. You get into a negative state of mind.I applied for over 500 jobs without any success. This can play on your mind.I overcome this situation by being and staying positive.A positive mind produces positive results.Focus on getting employed.Do not be distracted with the affairs of the world.When you focus you keep at what you do and do it to the best of your ability.
    Thank you – ERIC for direction.

    • Erik Kruger

      It’s a powerful Power Set for a very difficult situation. Stay the course and things will work out.

  7. Thanks Erik, this is something i could definitely use and a great concept. It will help me to simply my situation by focusing on the right things instead of trying to think on too many things.

  8. Ntsane Ntsane on

    Situation: Discouragement
    Power Sets: Resilience and Acceptance

    Application: When doors keep getting shut in your face, or plans fall apart or people constantly let you down, it is easy to get discouraged. But I have learned that I must ENcourage myself and bounce back from such a state, no matter how hard that can be, and also accept that not everyone is on your team or is your customer and that no matter how slow things seem to be, I can in fact reach the goals I have set for myself without feeling that I am a failure. Challenges don’t last forever and waking up each day is another opportunity to bounce back and keep fighting

  9. Tshepo Molobi on

    >High Stakes


    Application: When entering a high-stakes negotiation/meeting you need to remain calm and in control. Therefore it is important to be confident in your abilities, skills and knowledge. I added patience as a value because it’s crucial not to make any decisions in haste but rather spend time after the meeting and make a more rational decision. I had to take this one for today because everything about this power set is about today

  10. Without the right values for any situation, its easy to be lost in the frustration.
    Thanks for the concept, this something that can be very useful.

    • Erik Kruger

      Concepts and frameworks make it easier for me to navigate obstacles and challenges. I am sure it will serve you well too.

  11. The situation: “hard times”

    power set of: Resiliency and consistency

    Application: Hitting hard times can be daunting to anyone though with these values and with the application you have provided above Erik I know that I shall overcome this and come out the other side even stronger than before.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and for the help you provide on a regular basis.

  12. High Stakes

    Its what stands for me as we often rush into things…so this approach coupled with proper realistic planning will definately yield good outcomes.how you explain it couldnt been better explained its on point and precisely real

  13. Marc Templeton on

    First Business meeting


    Had brief conversations through social media but we have never met in person. Not sure what to expect so need to approach with caution but also with an open mind. I thinking having the patience and composure at the meeting may prevent any potential rush decisions being made.

  14. Ian van Kraayenburg on

    Hi Erik.
    One of my values is based on a biblical principle of Like 9:62. “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
    In a secular sense this is equatable to, once you start something, there is no looking back.
    Just as this example reflects.
    For a plowman to be successful in His work, he must concentrate on the job he started. He knows that the only way is forward and not being distracted by the things left behind.
    In case the plowman starts to look back, his plow line would become crooked. If that happens, the field he is plowing will not yield a full harvest.

  15. Love how this clears up my way of looking at it from a way better perspective. Power sets has a nice ring to it.
    Like in arguments or when the other person loses it, my automatic anchored state would be to breathe deeply and keep calm so I can react rationally instead of emotionally. Well that’s just another aspect you can apply , but my approach to most things are calm so I can use my brain at a better capacity. Love that it’s power sets now!! thanx

  16. Pieter van der Merwe on

    A very useful and powerful tool. Love the fact that it helps you prepare for challenges and deal with hardships as well as frame your whole outlook for different situations.

    Situation: Making significant change
    1. Potential
    2. Self confidence

    These two feed each other in this situation. By knowing and believing in your potential to successfully carry out changes that may be difficult or uncomfortable you can keep focused on the things that you need to be doing. Focusing on self confidence also keep in mind that you are a powerful being that can influence the world around you and that your actions will dictate your future.

  17. I just had time today to read through this artical its very inspiring and motivating to know that men can be in one group to keep each other going I’m greatful Eric now I can see something’s in a different perspective.

  18. Vusi Ntsibande on

    Hi I just got a chance to read through this article pretty interesting and one of the most motivating ones getting to identify those values in life and making solve any kind of problems[situations] that you may have in life I am grateful of thought that you have implanted Eric its to die for thank you.

  19. Kamohelo Welcome Moleko on

    Situation: Failure / Rejection (more than once)

    It happened to me, it happens to the best of us, even the 1% at the top have faced difficult times one too many times during the course of their journey to the top, when no one would give them a chance to prove themselves. The problem was not with them but those who did not share the same vision or did not see the idea presented to the table. I too have faced these difficult times, I am still facing them time and time and again. Now I know what to do.
    Implementing the power sets concept to the last breath my lungs will ever breathe.

    1. Composure
    2. Perseverance

    Thank you Erik for the lesson.
    Now I know what its going to take for me to become my own super hero in my one of many tales to tell in the future.

    Acta non verba.

  20. Dicken NKuna on

    It is one thing to have a goal in mind but it is another to plan how to achieve that goal and actual put your plan into action. Sometimes goals without detailed plan of how to achieve and action they remain just goals. These will be my two values for today.

  21. When faced with a near impossible task or vision

    The two power sets I find working are;

    There are times when you are the only one person remaining convinced that your vision is attainable and workable. Even your closest team might desert you in such times. Tbis is the time I always say you need to focus only on your vision nothing else and resist the temptation to quit. It is because you the only one who at that time knows and understand how to reach or attain your vision. The next stage is to resist the temptation to move away from the bull’s eye and continue pushing ahead until something happens.

  22. Interested to understand your rationale behind “composure” under your REJECTION set. You describe the need to be unflinching and not show weakness. Why is this? Does Betterman subscribe to the philosophy that showing loss or pain reveals a weakness and makes one less of a man?

    • Erik Kruger

      Has nothing to do with manliness. Composure: the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. It’s mindset and approach.

      This specific Power Set is for in-the-moment rejection. You are allowed to feel disappointed, hurt, rejected. But I have never seen those emotions play out well in the moment.

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