How To Make Better Decisions – F.R.A.G.I.L.E framework

Do you want to make better decisions?

Of course you do.

Looking back you can trace a series of decisions that have led you to this exact point in time. Some decisions were good, you think of them and smile. Other decisions make you shake your head in despair.

We understand the importance of the decision-making process in our lives yet we hardly ever take the time to dissect our good and bad decisions. Lucky for you I do this all the time and wanted to share a framework that I have devised for decision-making that helps me to stay focused and aligned.

This framework is named: FRAGILE. Since this is how we often feel when making big changes/decisions in our lives.

This framework is an amalgamation (and my own interpretation) of content from some of my favorite books on decision making. You can check them out below:


Let’s dive straight into it:

Rules for application:

  • Apply to crucial decisions.
  • The framework is not weighted and not in a specific order.
  • Do not use it when you are deciding on which restaurant to go to for supper with your better half. By the time you have run the framework you would have to start preparing breakfast.
  • FRAGILE is as intense or lightweight as you decide it should be. (When we overlaid the FRAGILE framework over all channels and solutions inside of BetterMan it took us 5 hours. The insights are worth it.)
  • Make it your own. Adapt it. Play with it.

FRAGILE Framework

This is a logical place to begin with in any decision.

What are the facts? What do we know for sure?

This is not open to interpretation, you are simply jotting down the stark reality of the specific decision you are discussing. Things like sales figures, following, goals reached etc. Do not mull over this. Gather the facts. Write them down. That is it.


Here you get to look at the reality of the facts that you just wrote down. Interpretation. Realization.

“The fact is that we only sold 10 units this month of widget X. The reality is that our marketing strategy is not working.”

“The fact is that orders seemed to have slowed. The reality is that we have been stagnating and not keeping up with the changes in technology”

Got it?


If you are running the FRAGILE framework it’s because you are trying to decide on a course of action. During the Alternatives section it’s up to you to generate as many other alternatives to the current decision and see if there could potentially be a better way.

“Do we eliminate X or Y?” becomes “How do we keep X and Y?” or “Should we eliminate both and go with Z?”

Not every idea will be a great idea. At worst you will come away from this exercise more confident in your original decision. Decisions are rarely binary.

Be creative.


I cannot begin to tell you how important this is.

Will the decision that you make, the course of action you decide on, build towards your big goals or detract from them?

You want to assess this on two levels.

1. Micro: Is this widget/channel/thing achieving its intended goal?
2. Macro: Is this widget/channel/thing contributing towards the bigger goal?

If, no, your decision becomes a lot easier.


Every decision has its cost. It requires varying amounts of time, effort, and money.

This speaks to risk, and to viability.

How much time will you need to invest? Does this fit into your current routine or will things need to be reshuffled?

How much money will need to be invested? Can you afford to lose this money?

Investment is usually underestimated and creates bottlenecks down the line.


Less but better
Possibly my favorite section.

What does less but better look like?

A simple question with powerful outcomes.

How can you decrease the amount of time you spend on X yet still be more effective?

How can you decrease the price but increase the value?

How you can decrease the effort but increase the output?



Emotion and all the biases that come with it are responsible for millions of horrible decisions every year. We like to think we are rational. We aren’t.

Instead of denying human nature lets embrace it and make it work in our favour.

So, in this part of the framework you finally get to answer the question you have been waiting for:

“How do I feel about this decision?”

Now note, that this is just a part of the larger framework. You are not supposed to make a decision based on this element alone. You need to incorporate everything you have pondered.


Wrap up
I love this framework. It really puts my mind to work.

The more we can attack a decision especially the big ones, from various angles, the better.

What did you think of the FRAGILE framework?

Will you be using it?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts…

Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger

CEO at BetterMan
Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.
Erik Kruger

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Erik Kruger

Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.


  1. This is a great tool, I’d definaently share it with my collegues then we apply it on our next porjects. Thank you very much.

  2. This is a great tool, I’d definitely share it with my colleagues then we apply it on our next projects. Thank you very much.

  3. Otumile Shupinyaneng on

    I’m gonna suggest this to my team right away. I love it for it’s practicality and user friendliness.

  4. Jacques Du Toit on

    Well written as usual and definitely something I’m going to apply. This really gets down to the core of what should/shouldn’t be priorities as well. Being honest and thorough about what should/shouldn’t be pursued. Love it. Can’t wait for the next big decision. 😉 Keep up the good work.

  5. This looks like quite an amazing framework that incorporates comprehensive viewpoints. I’ll definitely be applying this before Friday.

  6. I’ve always enjoyed remembering and applying by Acronyms! Love this, makes application simple when broken down…. Thanks

  7. Firstly, I am going to suggest this to my partner!
    Secondly, I need to start gathering all the necessary facts to begin this exercise

    Looking forward to seeing what’s waiting for us on the other side of this exercise.
    Thanks Erik!

  8. Frik Reynecke on

    Thanks Erik
    I believe the framework is very valuable and directive when used correct and effectively.
    As per the above comments from the other gents, great decision making tool.

  9. Thanks Erik , definitely a good read and very simple but finite in its actions .
    I will remember this for my next decision.

    Props to you and your team for the difference that you are making in my life , I appreciate it brother .


  10. Phiwa Pendant on

    Thank you very much Erik it hits home, and its quite a guide that with other decisions we tend to let emotions obstruct the reality part of it to bring us to the comfort zones. but the truth is if you face FRAGILE makes simple and I love it!

  11. Effective! Applying this framework to a decision we need to make with my wife, weather to relocate to the Western Cape for a job or stay put in Gauteng until something comes up. Thanks for this powerful tool.

  12. This sounds good. I have some big decisions to make over the next 7 days and I will definitely try out the FRAGILE method.

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