strategic warfare

Can I take your word for it?

A great leader does what he says he will do. End of story. He gives his word, and then fulfills it. What a rare quality these days. Become that man. The one who people can rely on. The one who gets things done. It will transform your business, your relationships, and your attitude.

strategic warfare

Getting tripped up?

Human beings. So smart, but oh so fallible. One mental trick that often leads us down the wrong road is known as confirmation bias. It’s simply this: our tendency to look for and believe things that reinforce our existing view. Why is this dangerous? Because your thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs need to be challenged regularly. […]

strategic warfare

Prolonged suffering and procrastination

Prolonged is a synonym for procrastination. It’s simple really… Procrastination leads to prolonged suffering. We refrain from taking action for various reasons. Some reasons might even be quite valid. However sometimes we procrastinate because the task at hand is boring, mundane or tedious. Yes, that will happen. Often. Suck it up. Just do it. Stop […]

strategic warfare

Hoarder much?

We hoard. Things. Products. Ideas. Useless tasks. This leads to bloating. It happens slowly and then all at once. Bloat slows you down. Bloat dilutes your focus. Bloat makes you less effective. Today, make some time to reduce the bloat. Take a machete to the unnecessary things in your life and business. Acta non verba, […]

strategic warfare


The word “imagine” has been stuck in my heads now for weeks. I have tried writing it into emails, meditating on it, and journaling through it, but it just won’t subside. I think it’s because of the importance of the word. “Imagine” tells you that there are possibilities. That you can reach higher, dream bigger […]

Thank you for showing interest

Hi, Thanks for clicking on the link. Thanks to some clever technology you have now been tagged as interested 🙂 You will be getting an email from me later this week regarding an exciting new venture I want to pilot. I’ll be doing this MVP style.  What does it mean? It means that it will […]

Dress like you mean it

I was reminded of an important lesson yesterday. First impressions matter. A lot. The best way to make a great first impression: Dress like you mean business. Dress like you care. Dress like you respect those who you will be interacting with. I wear my suit as armor. You should too.

strategic warfare

Your time. Your choice.

Procrastination is a vicious beast. It seems innocent enough until you think about the momentum that it robs you of. Until you realise that it is literally setting you back in the pursuit of your dreams. There are many reasons for procrastination. Sometimes it’s pure lazyness. Other times it’s protective mechanism that shields you from […]