Apathy: Why you are Unhappy and How to Change it. 

Oh yeah, it just got real! The slow descent into apathy is exactly that, a slow descent. It doesn’t happen all at once, you can track it. The clue is even in the definition:

Apathy is defined as – a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

  1. Firstly a lack of Interest, I get that. We can all lose interest in something. Even the best jobs have those “just another day at the office moments.” This is not new information so it’s not difficult to push through those times.
  2. Then a lack of Enthusiasm, I get this too. It’s very difficult to be enthusiastic about something you have no interest in. Or, some days we just don’t feel like ourselves. This can be because of sleep deprivation, it could be an especially hot day or we could just be “hangry” and need a cookie. It’s difficult to be enthusiastic when your stomach is growling like a wolf! Again not difficult to deal with.
  3. Finally a lack of Concern, this is where things become scary, when you stop giving a shit! When we stop caring, this becomes dangerous territory.

Any addicts will know it’s at this point you tend to reach for the bottle or call your dealer. In this article, One of the Top Causes for Addiction Relapse, they dive into certain triggers for relapse.

“One of the biggest glaring reasons that we see people relapse is that they detox the drug, but not the dangerous habits that go along with drug addiction.”

They don’t take heed of the triggers for their addiction. Old friends and places can remind them of the “Good ol’ days” and they’ve started on that slippery slope looking for the answers to their troubles in the bottom of a whisky bottle. A sense of disinterest and a lack of enthusiasm are the triggers for the decent into apathy.

The realisation that anything you do, no matter how much you love it, can become monotonous is an important lesson to learn. It’s all a part of growing up and it’s vital to stop yourself from falling into the apathy trap. It takes resilience and strength of character, it takes fortitude and no one can do it for you.

In his TED talk, The Antidote to Apathy, David Meslin talks about the common hero story, in films like The Matrix and Harry Potter, in which there are 

“heroes who were chosen. Someone came up to them and said, “You’re the chosen one. There’s a prophecy. You have to save the world.” And then they go off and save the world because they’ve been told to”


In the real world we don’t get a Morpheus or a Dumbledore showing up at the perfect time to ask us to take up the challenge.

“it’s imperfect; it’s not very glamorous, and doesn’t suddenly start and suddenly end. It’s an ongoing process your whole life. But most importantly, it’s voluntary. It’s voluntary. As long as we’re teaching our kids that heroism starts when someone scratches a mark on your forehead, or someone tells you you’re part of a prophecy, they’re missing the most important characteristic of leadership, which is that it comes from within.”

It all well and good to say, “that it comes from within” which is easier said than done. Especially if we have become so disengaged by apathy, we no longer care about what makes us happy, helps us provide and will bring us happiness.

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and in this podcast interview he discusses how delusional he was at a young age. In film school he believed talent was all that was required to create something profound, so much so he did no preparation for his final year film and setup up cameras and devised shots based on “what felt right.” Needless to say he publicly embarrassed himself. It’s through his own apathy his discovered the solution for it.

Connecting what you are doing to something bigger than yourself and not worrying about making money.


The whole reason he started quest was for his family. He came from morbidly obese parents and feared for their health. He set out to create the best tasting food, from the healthiest ingredients. This drive for those he cared for gave him the antidote to apathy and helped him turn Quest Nutrition into a billion dollar company in just seven years.

So if you want to ensure you don’t lose interest, remain enthusiastic and always care about what you do, make sure you take action from within and make why you do it greater then just yourself.

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Andrew Mack


  1. This article is absolutely incredible!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together Andrew and thank you for the insights provided. I really like the example of quest nutrition, it’s definitely given me a new insight into building your own life in a positive way. I’ve never looked at things quite this way before and am interested in trying it out.

  2. Damn! Great article… Really made me think of what I’m doing and where I am with my life…
    Thanks for the inspiration guys. Not just with this article but the daily emails as well…

  3. I read this article with great sadness because it is pretty much describing the status quo in my life right now.
    How does one “create” that drive again? I make good money, I’m fairly set up but my personal life is in shambles.
    I find myself going back to the person responsible for my misery, to begin with.

  4. Hi guys once again impressed with the topic of today. DO IT FOR MORE THAN WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, FIND YOUR WHY AND LET THAT BE THE FUEL… I am also at that stage where I lost interest, Enthusiasm I will take advice from this article and dig deep down and just grind. Have a blessed weekend guys.

  5. Yes.

    This can also apply to relationships – where you become apathetic to issues or maintaining a loving connection with your partner. Love for your job/career/dream takes work and it is a choice, not a feeling, Similarly with relationships, love is a choice, not a feeling. “UNapathy” is a choice, a decision from within.

    Thank you Andrew.

  6. I needed this for my upcoming exams. I have been feeling a little apathetic and unenthusiastic about my studies but I got that spark recently when I realised it’s crunch time. I wanted a way to keep it thiugh because it keeps coming and going. I guess that is something I need to figure out on my own. Thanks again!!

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