3 Questions To Start Your Day With For Maximum Productivity And Happiness

Journaling Simplified

You can either read or watch. Choice is yours.

I believe that there are certain key activities that help you live a more effective and efficient life. Activities that allow you to become more self-aware and at the same time execute with more intention.

Journaling is such an activity.

There are many great benefits to journaling. Here are my top 3:

  1. It helps you process events. Kind of like having a paper-based psychologist on hand. Life gets so busy that we rarely make time to process what is happening to us as it’s happening to us. That’s a big mistake, obviously. Journaling aids us in the process of reflection and acceptance.
  2. It helps to clarify your thinking. Your head is a mess. Between remembering your grocery list, the perpetual to-do lists, and ideas for date night it’s no wonder that your thinking becomes muddled. This impacts your decision-making abilities. How can it not? Writing your thoughts down allows for a more objective reflection and the opportunity to filter your thoughts.
  3. One of the most important things about journaling is that it allows you to time-travel. When I journal I make a little star at the top of any day that contained a specific highlight or lowlight. Then, months down the line, when I am browsing through my journal I can reflect on those times. The most common thing you will find is how rarely your fears came to pass. How often you were worried about the future and how often things turned out ok. It’s powerful. Trust me.


Like Calibration (meditation), journaling can be quite daunting. So I have simplified the process to help you get started.

I devised┬áthe J1G format. It’s a set of questions or prompts that makes it easier to get started when staring at a blank page.

Let’s dive in:

J – Journaling. This section is for you to freehand. The question you need to answer is, “What is on your mind?” There will always be something on your mind. Let the pen run away with this question. Write as much or as little as you need to. Until you feel the question has been sufficiently answered.

1 – The one begs the question, “What is the one thing that you need to do today?” The aim is to become mindful of the tasks that await you and to truly prioritise the important ones. You can select 1-3 tasks. Have a look at your calendar and to-do list and then ruthlessly cut the fat that does not belong.

G– Gratitude. The question is simply, “Which 3 things are you grateful for?” It’s no secret that gratitude decreases anxiety and stress whilst raising your happiness factor. This small acknowledgement of the things that you are grateful for will lift your spirits and create a positive outlook on life.

There you have it.

Quite easy, right?

I recommend you schedule time for journaling. It’s an activity that you will need to be intentional with until it becomes a habit.

My preference is to do it in the morning whilst having a cup of coffee.

Have any questions?

Pop them in the comments below.


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Erik Kruger

CEO at BetterMan
Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.
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Erik Kruger

Founder and CEO of BetterMan. Obsessed with making men unstoppable. Currently completing my Masters in Business and Executive Coaching.


  1. Hi Erik,

    Well I started using this method after watching the webinar last week and I must say I can’t believe that in just a few days my whole approach to my day has changed. I just feel so much more positive. I believe the reason is the I am just so much more grateful for all the small things. Thanks for this useful tool.

    Will the next webinar be available after the session this week as I won’t be able to view it on line due to other commitments?



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